Electronic Sales Agreement

Electronic sales agreement – There are many parts to the sales agreement and you need to make sure that you know each and everyone of them because a potential customer will read everything on it before writing her or his name on the dotted line.

The first component to the sales agreement spells out who the agreement is between. You the seller and the client or client and provide the addresses of each. This portion is pretty straightforward.

Next are the actual agreement part of the sales agreement. Occasionally this is titled: Buy and Sale, Delivery and Installation, based on what you have just sold the new customer. This section explains exactly what it is that will change hands and when. Supplier agrees to sell purchaser and purchaser agrees to buy from seller such-and-such at a rate of so much per square inch or per pound, etc. and any services described in the request for proposal dated January 27, 2018.

Then the sales agreement proceeds to list each and every nut and bolt being purchased and their prices currently quoted to the customer in the presentation part of your first meeting, or second meeting with the decision maker. Do not change costs at this point as you won’t walk away with a signed contract from this assembly. People don’t like surprises, even if you forgot about the delivery fees or import tax; these are now your responsibility. No one will pay any more than what you promised in your first meeting, that’s why it is so important to get all the facts from all departments upfront and in writing so that you can build you proposal and stick to it with no surprises when it comes time to sign the sales agreement.

The next portion of the revenue agreement will spell out the conditions of payment. Whether its 30 days after delivery of signing the contract or on monthly installments, you need to have these terms put in the contract exactly how you and the client discussed and agreed upon before this point. Payment is nothing to sneeze about. And leave nothing to chance. Make sure it’s exactly the way you discussed it in the initial meeting and what they wanted. Have a look the sample of electronic sales agreement below at the attachment page.

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